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IPTG Suppliers
Innovative Biochemicals for Molecular Biology; Cancer Research; Apoptosis; Signal Transduction and Neurobiology.

Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Biochemicals and Reagents for Life Sciences.

PCR and related specialty plasticware.

BioCooler Bench Top Coolers and Electroporation Cuvettes.

Suppliers of bioAffinity Matrix; Enzymes, substrates and biochemicals for Plant and Proteomics research.

Cell Projects Ltd: Highly innovative Molecular Biology Solutions for Electroporation, PCR, DNA sample handling and other Life Science Technologies.

Reagent kits; Controls; Calibrators and Instruments for Diagnostic HPLC.

Tough Spots; Tough Tags; Cryo Tags and other novel laboratory products.

Enzyme Systems for RNA and DNA Research.

Laboratory Sealing Films; including SealPlate® and ThermalSeal®

An extensive line of products for Proteomics, Cell and Molecular Biology.

Consumables for Electrophoresis; Cell Culture, Microarrays and Proteomics.

Nucleic Acid purification kits.

Metal Freezer Racks; Plastic Storage Boxes for any size sample.

Innovative Labware for the molecular study of cells in situ.

ICP/ICP-MS Standards; AA Standards; Inorganic QC materials; EPA Standards.

The Molecular Cloning Company.

Medicago AB is a specialised producer of high quality biochemicals.

Micromate Labels.

Innovative products for PCR based research; DNA fragment analysis and sequencing.

TRI Reagent, DNAZol; Bactozol.

Chemicals and Biochemicals.

Liquid Substrates for Alkaline Phosphatase & HRP.

Products for Molecular Separation; Endopeptidases.

Organic Standards and Reference Materials.

Clinical Chemistry Controls and Reagents.

Speciality Laboratory Plasticware.

Fine Chemicals.

Specialty metals, Inorganics and Organometallics.

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